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Successful REDU of HP Boiler Feed Pump for UK Power Station


 Power Generation
 Application:  HP Boiler Feed Pump
 Unit Type:  14 Stage - 475kW - 3000rpm

The Challenge:

TSSE was tasked with the overhaul of a 14  Stage High Pressure Boiler Feed Pump from a UK power station. The customer had requested an inspection of the pump in line with the maintenance schedule. Issues with the cost and availability of spares and previous experience of long turnaround times had encouraged the customer to seek alternative service providers. Upon receipt of the pump, TSSE performed a routine strip-down and all relevant inspections, providing a report back to site within 5 working days, as is our standard.

The shaft run-out TIR was found out of tolerance, the OD was deeply scored, oval and below minimum diameter along the main body. The impellers were found to be oval and oversize in the bore, the keyways oversize and all wear rings were found to have clearances above OEM maximum limits.

The Solution:

Our “As Found” report included design and overhaul recommendations to improve pump performance and reduce operating expenditure. During the course of re-engineering and upgrading the parts required, a full set of engineering drawings was created allowing  faster future delivery of upgraded spare parts which meet with OEM standards and the requirements of the new pump profile.

The impeller keys and keyways had sustained damage due to excessive torqueing during operation. TSSE upgraded the keyway dimensions and optimised material selection to prevent this from happening in the future. To design out the scoring and restore the OD of the shaft, the impeller locations were overlaid with an HVOF hard coating before final grinding. All wear rings were re-engineered to optimise the efficiency of the unit. The rotor was balanced to meet ISO G2.5 and the rebuild was completed in time to meet site operational requirements.

Despite the COVID-19 breakout at the time of completion, TSSE were able to mobilise immediately to install and commission the pump while satisfying the relevant H&S legislation in place at the time.

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