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Case Studies

Marine Hydraulic Power Unit

Customer Requirements

To design and manufacture a hydraulic power unit in a DNV type frame with an axial piston type pump to vary supply pressure and a stainless steel reservoir. Also to design and supply a powered reeler for 100 m of hydraulic hoses and electrical cables.

Torishima Solution

The hydraulic power unit and reeler were designed using 3D CAD software, with the strength of materials also being simulated. The pump was a pressure compensated axial piston pump with remote pressure control. A bespoke manifold was fitted with a filter and pressure relief valves so that the pump pressure could be varied. 

The reservoir was made of 316 stainless steel and was fitted with a return filter and level/temperature switches. A small air blast cooler was fitted to the return line. An electrical control panel was fitted with controls for the hydraulic power unit and external control capability from a PLC.

The reeler was designed to hold 100 m of pressure, return hose and wire. It was powered by hydraulic and a lever operated valv controlled the direction and speed. Supply to the hydraulic hoses was through the central drive shaft, fitted with rotary couplings. The electrics were also supplied by a rotary coupling.

Customer Benefits

  • Experienced marine system design reduced the risk of problems in build, test and supply.
  • Integrated supply of the HPU and Reeler, reducing the chance of problems.
  • Axial piston pump supplied with pressure control, which can be used ofr different applications. Also high efficiency so low heat generation and reduced power usage.
  • Supplied with biodegradable oil, which has a low environmental impact.

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