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Case Studies

Fluid Systems Maintenance for Waste to Energy Plants

Customer Requirements

Torishima Fluid Power were called to a Waste to Energy Plant as the hydraulic systems was losing pressure and causing a plant shut down. Prior to the visit troubleshooting had occurred and the accumulators had been changed.

Torishima Solution

Torishima Fluid Power attended site and discussed the problem with the customer and witnessed the problem.

The problem of losing pressure was due to a vented relief valve not closing to raise the pressure in the system accumulators, the fluid from the pump was flowing to tank and the accumulators were discharging over time. The vented relief valve had recently been changed.

Troubleshooting was carried out and the electrical signal to the valve solenoid was identified as the problem. The valve worked intermittently so we installed Hirschman plugs with inbuilt LED’s to show the customer the cause. New vented relief valve were supplied as part of the service.

Customer Benefits

  • Quick response – we attended site less than 16 hours from first contact, reducing plant downtime.
  • Experienced engineers – reduced time taken to find the fault.
  • Advice given – long term solution proposed and supplied.

The problems were identified and solved quickly removing the need to continually change valves, which was costing money in components and plant downtime.

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