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Case Studies

Piston Accumulator Recertification

Customer Requirements

Torishima Fluid Power were asked to overhaul and recertify 20 litre piston accumulators used on wind turbines.

Torishima Solution

Torishima has the facilities and capability to inspect accumulators, change seals and pressure test them. Up to 40 accumulators have been serviced.

The process starts with an external and internal inspection to ensure the accumulator is damage free. Damage can cause the accumulators to be scrapped. Once the visual inspections have been completed, a pressure test at 1.5 times maximum working pressure is performed. We have the facilities to test accumulators safely and efficiently.

Once the test has been satisfactorily completed, new seals for the piston were fitted and the unit was reassembled. A Certificate was written and a sticker placed on each accumulator with test details.

Customer Benefits

By placing their accumulators with us our customers have seen the following benefits;

  • Being experienced in accumulator overhaul and testing, Torishima can safely and efficiently recertify the accumulators.
  • The customer is assured of a top quality overhaul, and the accumulators will work trouble free for many years.
  • Recertification has been done properly and the Certificate is genuine and compliant with legislation.
  • The lead time is low, typically two days per batch of four, ensuring the accumulators were returned to the customer quickly.



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