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MGR Fluid Power


MGR Fluid Power was founded by Mike Retford in 2007 who after 20 years within the hydraulics industry holding many senior positions decided to form a consulting and engineering business to assist companies with their hydraulic issues.

Following the initial phase whereby Mike undertook design, consultancy and installation projects for companies like Rolls Royce in Derby as well as undertaking service work in the automotive industry, Mike started to get requests to supply the  systems and the company moved into manufacturing of hydraulic systems for the likes of Wilton Engineering and BAE systems.

The business was developing and an opportunity came about in 2012 to form a partnership with Torishima Service Solutions Europe the main driver being the capability of Mike and the team to design and manufacture lubrication systems for the Torishima parent company in Japan.

The venture proved to be a success as well as MGR continuing to undertake their own projects. In 2017 MGR became a wholly owned subsidiary of Torishima Service Solutions Europe Ltd becoming the Fluid Power Division. This was undertaken to the Fluid Power Division had the fiscal strength to grow. This has shown in a work force which is some 30% larger and that the Fluid power company moved to new larger premises in 2019 which will allow the company to continue to grow.


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