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About Torishima

As a company of 100 years standing in the global engineering community and an OEM of some of the world’s most advanced high energy machinery, Torishima recognises its duty to provide the highest available levels of service quality and customer support available in the marketplace. To this end;

“We aim to be the provider of choice for aftermarket services in the rotating machinery, fluid power, cooling systems and associated equipment sector. We will achieve this by bringing the flexibility of an independent service provider together with the depth of knowledge and quality culture associated with a world class OEM with many years experience in the sector.”

The 5 divisions that make up Torishima Service Solutions Europe can be classified as follows:

  • Mechanical Services -service, upgrade and repair of rotating equipment gearboxes and valves
  • Torishima Pumps spares - supply original Torishima pumps parts to end users
  • Cooling Systems – supply systems to cool large engineering systems
  • Coatings – provide specialised surface coatings for many applications
  • Fluid Power – provides the full spectrum of hydraulic systems, products and services

We have a wealth of experience in designing, manufacturing, assembling, installing and maintaining mechanical, hydraulic, cooling and lubrication systems with the highest standards of quality always at the forefront of our thinking.

Fully certified to all relevant industry standards, we are able to offer a wide range of hydraulic, cooling and lubrication systems from small power packs to fully integrated computer-controlled systems. As a customer-led company, we take great pride in our after-sales service and offer a range of maintenance services. We also act as a tried and trusted supplier of hydraulic components for a number of leading companies.



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