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Composite Repair Systems

Torishima’s engineered composite solutions are designed to prevent catastrophic failures in challenging conditions.

Our composite repair systems engineered by Citadel Technologies reinstate the wall loss of pipes affected by external or internal corrosion. As a cheaper alternative to clamps and replacement, our products are used to rehabilitate and restore full strength to damaged, corroded and eroded pipelines. Our carbon fibre system can also facilitate the repair of leaks, making these systems premier in the market for non-metallic repairs.

Torishima’s products are compliant with all major composite repair standards, including ASME PCC-2 and ISO-TS 24817.

Benefits of Composite Technology:

  • Repairs and reinstates steelwork integrity quickly and cost effectively
  • Installed on-line minimising plant shut down
  • Avoids section replacement thus further reducing plant downtime
  • No hot works
  • Quick application
  • Ability to repair irregular bends and shapes
  • Reduces cost

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