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Filtration & Fluid Care

Filtration is very important for hydraulic systems to ensure long term reliability and avoid unexpected machine failure. We have the knowledge, capability and filtration products to reduce contamination, increase hydraulic system reliability and increase the working life of  hydraulic oils.

Fluid Care

If your hydraulic system has contamination, that can be classed as solid particulate or water, we can help. Our Service Team has the capability to analyse the problem, with Particle Counters and Fluid Analysis equipment.

We have equipment such as hydraulic filter carts and flushing rigs to solve the problem. Recently we extended the life of the hydraulic fluids on trains by firstly analysing the condition and filtering the hydraulic oil to improve its cleanliness. We used standard hydraulic and water removal filters. This service saved the customer over £20,000 in replacing the oil.

Filter & Flushing Rig

The transfer of new oil from barrels can introduce contaminants into your systems. A Hydraulic Filter Cart can reduce the time taken to fill, reduce potential spillages and filter the incoming oil. Filter Carts can also filter the oils in existing systems.

Torishima Fluid Power manufacture a range of standard Filter Carts, with a range of filter options.

Flushing Rigs are used to clean pipelines and systems. We have manufactured many different units, each one particular to customer requirements. The important feature of a Flushing Rig is its capability to create turbulence in the pipes being cleaned.

This promotes more effective and efficient oil cleaning. Turbulence, defined by a Reynolds Number of around 5,000, is achieved through a combination of low fluid viscosity and high fluid flow.

Hire your flushing rigs or filter carts from us, with or without on site support. Call 01926 420847 for details

Filter Elements

There are many filter elements, in many shapes and sizes, for hydraulic and lubrication systems. Sometimes too many to stock.

We can supply hydraulic filters from the top manufacturers such as Hydac, MP Filtri and Parker.

We can also provide refit elements, from Donaldson and other quality manufacturers, to fit a wide range of filters.



Click here to download the Filter Trollies Brochure (PDF).


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