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Under Insulation and Crevice Corrosion

A study carried out by Exxon Mobil Chemical indicated that the highest incidence of leaks in the refining and chemical industries was due to under insulation and crevice corrosion (CUI) and not to process corrosion, with between 40 and 60 percent of piping maintenance costs being related to CUI.

Torishima is the only authorised distributor of the RG2400 range from Polyguard Products.  The application of our Reactive Gel range prevents corrosion without the need to blast, and as there is no cure time, line shutdown or training required, the efficiency and cost savings are significant.

With operating temperatures over 350° F/177 ° C, tremendous moisture resistance and anti-corrosion properties through mineralisation, corrosion inhibitors & buffering technology - the Reactive Gel range is very flexible in its applications.

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