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Repair Coatings

With our progressive surface engineering solutions knowledge, we use our expertise to extend equipment life utilising Advanced Polymer technology.

Torishima can rebuild, repair, protect and maintain all types of machinery and equipment from the effects of abrasion, erosion, corrosion and chemical attack. The range of plant and equipment that can be repaired or remediated with polymers is extensive and includes such equipment as pumps, heat exchangers, tanks and pressure vessels, harsh and demanding environments found on offshore structures, as well as valves, pipes, fans and blowers.

If the environment is very aggressive, chances are we can apply a polymer that will eliminate the problem.

Torishima also has the capability, with our trained site teams, to apply surface coatings at our customer's location.  On site, you can expect the same level of control with our processes as you would normally expect from our in-house blasting and coating operations – this is down to our highly focused operator training program. The process of surface preparation of a customer's equipment is in line with the requirements of ISO 8501-1.

Industries served using Specialist Elastomeric Repair System.

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