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Site Services

From our dedicated Service Centre in Glasgow, TSSE mechanical services are available on a 24 hour call out basis to carry out on site repairs, overhauls, and installations of all types of rotating and static equipment, including pumps, motors, mixers, compressors, hydro & steam turbines, heat exchangers & valves.

Asset Management

A key concept in Asset Management that has emerged in recent years is that of the total management of a physical asset’s life cycle to achieve the lowest cost of ownership with maximum return. Accordingly, asset management requires a continuous, prioritised improvement throughout an organisations processes to capture the potential benefits.

Asset management has been adapted by a growing number of organisations as an umbrella for bringing together good existing operational management, maintenance, procurement, quality, and engineering practices and is captured within PAS 55:2008.

Asset Care Program

All assets will eventually show signs of deterioration over time. A good inspection and maintenance regime will normally extend an assets life, reduce its risk of failure as well as maintain the assets plated performance. At Torishima, we have developed with our customers an optimised Asset Care Program designed to meet their specific needs in line with their maintenance strategies and supporting policies.

We can help improve:

  • Equipment Availability
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Spares Management
  • Asset Inspection strategies
  • Shutdowns/Turnarounds
  • Inspection/RBI
  • Energy Consumption
  • Carbon Emission

At Torishima we believe that assets should be regularly monitored in order to ensure that they are available to carry out their intended function. In support of this, Torishima can carry out various inspection techniques reflecting the assets requirements, from simple visual examinations to full blown strip down inspections involving ‘Non Intrusive Inspections’ and ‘Fitness For Service’ supported by API 580 RBI.

We use rigorously controlled techniques to ensure that:

  • Equipment is inspected only when necessary
  • Inspections are focussed at places where deterioration might be expected
  • The most appropriate, cost effective techniques are employed
  • Opportunities to inspect using NDT methods are identified

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