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Pump Testing

Assess the performance and efficiency of pumps used in various industries. 

We use the test loop to demonstrate efficiencies of renewed or improved performance when overhauling or upgrading pumps to meet more challenging operating demands at site. Whether to increase pump performance or to reduce CO2 emissions and operating costs.

With over 100 years of experience as a pump manufacturer and service provider, we have the expertise to accurately perform the tests and provide practical information for pump optimisation and maintenance.

Why test your equipment? 

  1. Performance: Allows you to evaluate the flow and pressure of the pump according to the expected levels and to detect possible deviations.
  2. Efficiency: Allows energy losses to be analysed, enabling optimisation and cost savings.
  3. Reliability: Allows your equipment to conform to technical standards and requirements Our in-house test facility has been designed specifically to meet the requirements of ISO 9906 & API 610 Hydraulic Institute test standards.
  4. Analysis and diagnosis: Allow identification of the source of the problem and subsequent repair of the equipment and improvement of performance.
  5. Co2 emissions reduction: Pumping equipment is one of the largest consumers of energy, so ensuring that such equipment operates at optimum efficiency is critical for today's environmentally conscious and forward-looking pump users.


  • Flow rates – up to 2000 m3/hr
  • Maximum power capability: 500 kw
  • Pump branch sizes up to DN600 / 24”NB
  • LV/MV Drives
  • Full string testing capability
  • Variable speed/off synchronous speed testing
  • Regenerative drive for testing Pump as Turbine
  • 15 tonne lifting capability

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