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Case Studies

Mobile Hydraulic Systems

Torishima Service Solutions Europe have developed hydraulic systems for a variety of off highway vehicles. 

Customer Requirments

Customers usually have a concept or specification as to how the vehicle should operate. Our job is to advise the customer what can be achieved technically and reliably within cost and a set timescale.

Torishima Solutions

We have a wide choice of a hydraulic components suppliers and use the best components for the application. Some of the applications and solutions we have been involved in below;

  • Aerospace transport vehicle -  open loop gear pump supplying a slice type proportional valve for controlling the speed and direction of the wheel motors, vehicle steering and lift systems for the cradle. The open loop pump supplied all the functions, reducing the number of pumps required.
  • Turf harvesting vehicle - open loop load sense control of the cylinder and motor functions using a slice valve and bespoke valve manifold. The system had cylinder for lifting turf and hydraulic motors futting cutting and conveyor functions.

We support the design and supply of the systems with installation and commissioning. Pipework is flushed and pressure tested to international standards. Commissioning is carried out to an agreed plan and completed only when the customer is satisfied.

Customer Benefits

  • Felxible approach - ensures technical specifications are met, along with the budget and lead times.

  • Experience - the customer gets a reliable and safe system.

  • In house design - an efficent system is installed, reducing the vehicle fuel consumption and hydraulic system heat generation.

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