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Case Studies

Stainless Steel Lubrication Oil System

Customer Requirements

The customer required a standalone lubricating oil system that was constructed to a comprehensive specification akin to API614.

Torishima Solution

Torishima Fluid Power Designed and manufactured a lubricating oil system that had the following features.

  • Stand alone lubricating oil system with PLC.
  • PLC controlled system temperature controlling the fluid temperature to a set point.
  • Full complement of stainless steel valves, filters and coolers.
  • Stainless 316 pipe work.
  • Motor controlled isolation valves.
  • DC powered emergency motor.


Customer Benefits

  • We are experienced designers of Lubrication Systems which means that we ensure specifications are complied with and a reliable system is delivered.
  • The standalone system allows the customer to ‘plug and play’ the system with the minimum of set up time
  • Turnkey supply of complete power pack and electrical control; giving the customer one order to place, simplifying the supply chain
  • Customer involved through the design process to ensure their requirements are met.
  • The system was inspected and tested to ensure it performs is reliability and matches up with the system pipe work when it arrives at the customer site.

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