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Case Studies

Replacement HLAV Boiler Circulation Pump/Motor

Country: Chile

Site: Angamos Power Plant

Owners: AES Gener

Torishima HLAV Pump/Motor is a vertically installed high quality, highly specialised Pump/Motor assembly. Extremely high temperature and high pressure water is pumped through the upper level pump area while the lower coil wound Motor area is cooled by the continual pumping of demineralised water.

Unfortunately the demineralised pumping process failed and three (3) of the HLAV Motors burnt out causing catastrophic failure. Two units were totally irreparable while one unit could be saved by cleaning and full rewinding of the Stator Coil. Luckily Torishima was able to utilise installed HLAV Motors from other sites in Chile to ensure the running of the plant while we undertook the manufacture of replacement HLAV Motors and also the rewinding of the motor within our specialised HLAV Motor assembly area in our Torishima HQ in Osaka, Japan.. 

Repair of damaged Pump/Motor was rushed through and the Pump/Motor returned and installed while production of the new replacement Pump/ Motors was rushed through to ensure disruption was kept to a minimum.

Manufacture of these units usually takes around 12-13 months due to the specialised material, manufacturing and assembly requirements. However we were able to have both Pump/Motors ready for shipping within 9 months from failure.    

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