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New Pipework Service

We are pleased to announce our new hydraulic pipework and hose installation service. For the past 13 years we have been providing service for hydraulic systems and on some of the large systems we have installed the hydraulic pipework. We once installed nearly 3 km of pipe on a Pipe Laying Barge.

To complement the hydraulic systems and power pack manufacture we offer an installation and commissioning service. This includes pipework and hose installation. A safe and leak free system is assured by using our flushing and pressure test rigs. We register all hoses and pipes with a unique ID so if there are issues in the future, we can identify and supply replacement parts quickly.

If repairs are needed then we have experienced Hose Technicians and Welders. Repairs to pipes that need welding can be done on site or returned to our workshop for a complete and assured service.

For onsite service of hydraulic pipework and hoses call us on 01926 420847.


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