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Sustainable Solutions: Torishima and AESSeal Collaborate to Address Methane Flaring Challenges

In collaboration with the major mechanical seal manufacturer AESSeal of Rotherham UK, Torishima has almost completed the development and testing of a booster compressor to be utilised within the AESSeals innovative ‘EcoGuard’ system. The compressor, when integrated with the AESSeal developed recovery system, will significantly reduce leak-off gas from mixed gas compressors and reduce the requirement for general flaring in the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industries.

The compressor design can also be utilised in Dry Gas Seal booster systems to improve the service life of dry gas seals by ensuring clean, conditioned gas is within the seal chamber, reducing dry gas seal failure risks and high leakage events by keeping the seal faces contamination free.

The compressor will be a hermetically sealed unit, ATEX rated for hazardous areas and will also be designed to be capable of withstanding the high-pressure ratings required for API compressor seal system ancillary components.

Torishima expects its fully developed device to play a crucial role in significantly reducing emissions through flaring in the UK oil & Gas sectors. The immediate aim is to align with Scotland's emission targets for 2024 and beyond, where the Scottish Government targets a 75% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030. Torishima sees this contribution extending not only on a national scale but also making a global impact.

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